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At Unique Auto Concepts, we provide Portland with the best window tinting, paint protection film products and customer service. We are recognized as SolarFX® dealer for the Portland Metro Area. Our exclusive Window Film is the only Window tint on the market that has a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty & is a Color-stable film. It's Nation-wide Coverage and we guarantee our work. We are innovative with our installation process. We go as far as using distilled water from Sierra Springs® mixed with Fusion All-Type solution to minimize contamination. We use Fusion All-Type because it's ECO Friendly,  free of dye so that it won't stain interiors, and it's safe for all CDA, CDF, & PS Adhesives so it won't break down the adhesive on the tint. All of our tinting patterns are computer cut by innovative software Film Design 4.0 so we don't hand-cut on your vehicle. That also includes Patterns for our Frontline Paint Protection Film. Our Clear-bra Paint Protection Film from SolarFX® is backed by a 10-Year Warranty. It's self healing, and is optically clearer than competitor films. We also install window tint on Commercial and Residential Homes. It helps with energy costs and also protects furniture, paintings, and flooring from the suns damaging UV rays.




  • Lasting Resistance

Innovative top coat increases stain resistance and product longevity by limiting water and dirt accumulation on the films surface.

  • Extra Endurance

Automotive finishes stay fresh and flawless longer with a Paint Protection Film that shields against damage caused by rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris and chemicals.

  • Self-Healing

Repairing scratches is effortless; our Paint Protection Film uses heat from a vehicle’s engine or the sun to heal damage without help. 

  • Great Looks

The film is available in matte and high gloss finishes. Outstanding optical clarity makes the film nearly impossible to detect once installed.

  • Warranty

SolarFX® Frontline Paint Protection Film is backed by a 10-year Warranty.


  • Top-of-the-Line Technology 

Combined Premium-Dyed, non-metal, nano-ceramic technologies, SolarFX offers the best protection, comfort and style available. 

  • Fade Resistant

Scientifically formulated for a non-reflective, true black finish that will not fade over time, even in warm sunny climates. 

  • Rejects & Blocks

Great for passengers and interiors: exceptional rejection of heat and infrared rays with Ceramic, along with blocking 99% of UV rays. Helps protect upholsteries from fading and cracking.

  • Clear Communications

Our Metal-free film won’t interfere with GPS navigation, satellite radio, cellular phones, and other electronic devices within a vehicle. 

  • Warranty

SolarFX® Window Film is backed by the manufacturer with a Lifetime limited warranty including protection against fading. Certain restrictions apply.*

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  • One-time application and Professionally installed

  • There is no cure time. It’s instant and customers can drive away immediately, even in the rain!

  • Backed by a 3-year warranty from GlassParency.

  • Included maintenance formula

  • Free membership in our SMS and email Maintenance reminders

  • Increases visibility in the rain, at night and during snow

  • Increased driver reaction time by up to 34%

  • Optically improves clarity of glass

  • Reduces night and day time glare

  • Keeps glass clean and pristine

  • Increases the overall safety of the driver and passengers

  • Can be installed on Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Marine Glass, Solar Panels, Heavy Equipment, Flat Glass, and Shower Enclosures.

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