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Window Tinting

Are SolarFX window films guaranteed?  Yes 

We stand behind our products with a factory-backed warranty. Our high-performance films are proudly made in the USA from globally sourced materials by SolarFX, a respected industry leader known for innovative and technology-based solutions. SolarFX window films carry one of the best factory-backed warranties in the industry. Ask your dealer for details.


Do clear window films provide the same benefits as darker films?  Yes 

Window film doesn't have to be dark to provide benefits like heat reduction, energy savings and ultraviolet (UV) protection. In fact, some darker films are dyed polyester that simply provide greater privacy. SolarFX offers a wide range of window film shades for architectural and automotive applications, giving you options that best suit your needs.


Will my window film bubble or turn purple?  No 

Purple, bubbling film is a sign of a very low-grade window film whose mounting adhesive and dye components have broken down. SolarFX films are warranted against this, using more stable and advanced dye chemistries and/or permanent metal layers that do not discolor over time.


How long does it take to tint my car and what is the process?


Typically, it takes a couple hours to have your entire car tinted. Window glass is cleaned thoroughly first, to remove debris. Tint is trimmed precisely to fit your exact make and model. No harsh chemicals are used, only water-activated adhesives.


What is the difference between dyed and ceramic tint?


Both dyed and ceramic tint provide 99% UV protection, heat rejection, enhance style, improve privacy, and reduce glare. When compared to the premium dyed tint, ceramic tint has superior heat rejection, high scratch resistance, and more clarity.

Paint Protection Film

Can I wax Frontline Paint Protection Film Matte?

Some waxes will add a level of gloss to PPFMatte. However, there are waxes on the market specifically for matte finishes. Waxing is still recommended for added protection. 


Can I take my car through a pressure wash with Frontline Paint Protection Film?


It is best practice to wait 3 days before washing your car. While hand washing is preferred, you can use a pressure wash, but be careful near edges as the pressure water can lift the edge.


Can “coatings” be applied to Frontline Paint Protection Film?

Ceramic coatings are approved for use with our Paint Protection Films when applied over the surface of the product. Ceramic coatings create an additional barrier for solvent and water penetration while not negatively impacting the performance or self-healing of our Paint Protection Film. This application will not void your warranty.

If there is a stain that won’t wash off, what do I do?

If a stain will not wash off with a regular car wash, you can apply isopropyl alcohol to a microfiber towel and clean the stain, if that does not work you can use a small amount of lacquer thinner. If the stain remains we would recommend you use a mild-abrasive wax and polish the surface of the film to restore the original appearance. Polishing/buffing of the film is a great way to remove contaminants from the surface, however this process should be limited to as-needed or once every 12- 18 months. An example of a mild-abrasive wax would be Turtle Wax Renew RX Polishing Compound Light to Medium Cleaner. 


Does GlassParency have any effect on paint, moldings or trim?  No


GlassParency is chemically designed to react to silicon dioxide (sand) which is the primary component in glass. We would suggest treating glass before you perform a paint protection product/detail so that you don’t have to clean vehicle twice.


How long does it take to treat a windshield?

A windshield application should take no more than 30 minutes.


Does your application have a cure time?  No 


GlassParency instantly cures and customer can drive away immediately.

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