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Gresham Car Detailing Shop

Looking for the best Gresham car detailing shop? You can’t beat the care you’ll get with Unique Auto Concepts. From interior to exterior, tires to roof, we provide thorough deep cleaning for the present and quality protection for future. You don’t need to have a luxury car to care about how your vehicle looks and feels to be in. Take your vehicle to the next level with Unique Auto Concepts. We also do detailing for vehicle fleets! Contact us to discuss options and prices.

What Goes into Detailing

  • Wash and dry the exterior of your car to remove built up dust, dirt, and road grime

  • Apply wax or a protective ceramic coating to the exterior paint to repel dirt and water

  • Clean, polish, and protect tires and rims

  • Vacuum the entire interior, every crack and crevice

  • Clean, polish, and protect the interior trim with products suitable for the material

  • Clean the carpet and floor mats

  • Clean the inside and outside of all windows

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We Exclusively use AERO® Detailing Products


AERO® products meet the highest standards we have for our clients at our Gresham car detailing shop. If you have any questions or concerns about what we use, please feel free to reach out and ask. We’ll be happy to work with you however we can.

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Do You Have Waterspots?

  • Waterspots are usually caused by hard water in irrigation sprinkler systems or even rain that remains on the surface and is dried by the sunlight.  

  • Light waterspots can usually be clayed and will go away.

  • Heavier waterspots We use a waterspot remover Polish that is safe to apply to Paint, Glass, Chrome, and Hard Plastics. 

  • In extreme hard waterspot conditions, sometimes paint needs to Cut with a compound and them polished in order to fully remove the mineral deposits. 

  • To help avoid waterspot damage we recommend applying a wax or a protective ceramic coating to the exterior paint to repel water and dirt from the surface.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about hard waterspots, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Unique's Aero 6-Pack Ceramic Detail Kit 1.jpg
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What Our Customers Have to Say
About Our Gresham Car Detailing Shop

Good people, great prices, and high quality work – Will, Google Review

These people are top notch and really know how to treat a customer! – Lisa, Google Review

Very good service, owner took care of us right away and was very polite. Would come back for future detailing on my vehicle. – Magy, Google Review

If you want quality work for the price, dont hesitate to come here. I have been a repeat customer, and will continue to be. – Jonathan, Google Review

Awesome customer service and they did amazing work. I wouldn't go anywhere else. – Patrick, Google Review

Great shop. Repeat customer, always happy. – Michael, Google Review

Solid, down-to-earth guys who take pride in the work they provide. I recommend this shop for all your window tinting needs, along with the other products and services they offer. I will be back for sure! You're missing out if you go somewhere else. Service, products and quality of work are top notch! – Tyler, Google Review

Highest quality work possible, very friendly and accommodating, prompt, and fair pricing on top of that. 10/10 experience all around. Highly, highly recommend! – Iron and Steele, Google Review

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Car Detailing FAQ

What brands do you use for detailing?

We exclusively use AERO® brand detail products because they represent some of the best available products on the market.


How much does it usually cost to get a car detailed?

Prices vary significantly depending on whether the work is interior or exterior or both, the kind of service to be performed, and the specific vehicle needs. For an estimate, feel free to drop by our car detailing shop in Gresham or give us call.


What is included in a full car detail?

A full car detailing includes

  • Wash, dry, wax, and polish the exterior as well as the tires and rims

  • Vacuuming the entire interior

  • Clean and polish the interior trim

  • Clean the seats, carpet, and floor mats

  • Clean the inside and outside of all windows

Add-ons and upgrades are available at all parts of the process to ensure your car gets the care you want for it. Talk with our detailing team to learn more about the options.


How long does it take to do a full detail on a car?

A full car detail can be performed in a couple hours at our Gresham car detailing shop depending on the car’s needs and our schedule.


Is it worth getting a car detailed?

This is more of a personal question than anything else. How much is it worth it to you for your car’s interior and exterior to be in pristine condition? Perhaps a more concrete estimate of the worth of getting your car detailed can be given if you are considering selling your car. Chances are that you will be able to make more money off the sale of your car when it looks to be in clean and well-cared-for


How often should you get your car fully detailed?

The answer for this will change based on the use of your vehicle, the services you choose to buy when you get your car detailed, and your personal standards for your car. Anywhere from a month to a year is a possible answer.

Unique Auto Concepts is a Gresham Car Detailing Shop

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